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This page is for content on the site that doesn't belong anywhere else.


XMPP MUC (Recommended clients: Dino, Profanity or PSI+ in that order):

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Spyware Watchdog was maintained and contributed to by The Founder of the Site between Nov 22nd, 2017 and May 10th, 2019. After which the site was put on hiatus for a while, before being handed over to Digdeeper in early 2020. It was transferred to the stewardship of The Shadow.


People who have helped maintain this website:
The Founder of the Site, digdeeper, metheperson

Fan Made Pins

These pins were created by fans of the site for linking to pages on the site. They're pretty cool, so I thought I would host them. You can download the ones you want for your website here:

Discord? No Way! Online Spyware Watchdog

You can also visit the creator's websites: