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This page is for content on the site that doesn't belong anywhere else.


This website has a git repo. A lot of the contributors to this site are active here on XMPP. Backup Email (XMPP or a Codeberg issue is strongly preferred): spyware@danwin1210.de [PGP Key]


Spyware Watchdog was maintained and contributed to by The Founder of the Site between Nov 22nd, 2017 and May 10th, 2019. After which the site was put on hiatus for a while, before being handed over to Digdeeper in early 2020. It was then transferred to a git repository!


People who have helped maintain this website:

The Founder of the Site, digdeeper, metheperson, qorg11, and another individual who does not wish to be named here

Fan Made Pins

These pins were created by fans of the site for linking to pages on the site. They're pretty cool, so I thought I would host them. You can download the ones you want for your website here:

Discord? No Way!

Online Spyware Watchdog

Online Spyware Watchdog

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