Pale Moon Browser Spyware Mitigation Guide

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After configuring Pale Moon according to this guide it's rating changes like so:

Spyware Rating: Medium => Not Spyware

The first thing to do, after you have downloaded Pale Moon, is to turn off your internet connection. Then install the browser and change the homepage to something else. In the "options" dialog:

Pale moon options screen

The next step is to disable update checking, you can do that like this:

Pale moon options screen

Finally, you should set the following options in about:config:

Spyware Feature about:config flag about:config value
Addon Blocklist extensions.blocklist.enabled False
OCSP querying False
OCSP querying security.OCSP.GET.enabled False
OCSP querying security.OCSP.require False
OCSP querying security.OCSP.enabled 0
Geolocation geo.enabled False

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