Paint.NET is a freeware image editor program for Microsoft Windows.

Spyware Level: Low

Paint.NET contains some spyware features, but also claims in its privacy information[1] to not be spyware.

Paint.NET is closed source software

It's impossible to build Paint.NET from source and read its source code to verify that it is not spyware. Therefore, it is impossible to prove that Paint.NET is not spyware.

Paint.NET is self-updating software

Paint.NET contains an updater that downloads new version of Paint.NET. This updater also downloads a file from paint.net's website to check for new versions, which is a form of phoning home. (I didn't check what protocol or kind of request it makes, though) This can be disabled, however, and you should disable it. Paint.NET also will phone home when you install or update the software.[1] So the only way to avoid this is to block the program from accessing the internet, and disabling all updates.


1. Privacy Information [web.archive.org] [archive.is] [arquivo.pt]

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