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GNU IceCat is a web browser that is a fork of Firefox.

Spyware Level: Low

GNU IceCat is a fork of Firefox that is more private and secure than Firefox and it contains several privacy-protecting features. However it still contains a lot of the spyware features found in Firefox. So, while it's better than Firefox, it still has a lot of problems that Firefox has.

This article is about an older version of Icecat (v59), and not the current verison. (anything v60 and higher)

Phoning Home

Even though IceCat has better privacy features out of the box than Firefox, it still phones home by default to GNU, Mozilla, and Google. So, while it claims to respect your privacy, it doesn't take steps to stop spyware features like this.

Icecat phoning home

IceCat's privacy features



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